Interested in Learning More about Residential Solar?

EcoMatters and our partner, Advanced Performance Solar, are here to provide information for you!

If you’re thinking about going solar, you’ll want to read 5 Steps to Solar for Your Home

If you’d like to host a residential solar screening event, you’ll want to read our document on Hosting An Event

If you’d like to attend a residential solar screening event, visit our Upcoming Events page to see if there’s one scheduled in your area!

Use this form to confirm your solar screening event (after speaking with a member of the EcoMatters team.)

Download a solar screening event checklist to help you put together a successful event — and read our 10 Tips for promoting your event!

And for more information, visit our page on Residential Solar Installations!

Call us at 201-639-4ECO for more information!

Save money – save the environment!

About Barbara Heisler
Barbara’s professional background includes more than 20 years of experience in non-profit, education and government management; focusing on strategic planning, organization and board development, program design, communications strategy, fiscal oversight, resource development, and grant procurement. Barbara is the president of Organizations by Design, an organizational and non-profit consultancy in East Orange, NJ. Barbara brings extensive leadership experience in the nonprofit sector, having served as the Executive Director of Funding Exchange, the CEO of Fund for an Open Society,and as Founding Executive Director for the South Orange/Maplewood Community Coalition on Race, in addition to the experience in senior management positions at the US Department of Education and institutions of higher education. Barbara has served on national and local boards and is currently a board member of the Center for Non-Profits and the Center for Creative Placemaking.

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