Our Team

EcoMatters uses a collaborative approach to connect you with the right mix of experts for meeting your diverse sustainability needs. We are a passionate group of professionals who get satisfaction from working on projects that matter and make a difference.

FRED R. PROFETA, JR., President has more than twenty-five years of experience shaping sustainability programs that enage municipalities and the public. He provides high-level strategic guidance to municipal, non-profit and corporate clients. Among his principal areas of expertise are renewable energy, municipal sustainability program development and community participation and engagement. In 2010, Profeta received the New Jersey Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award in the Environmental Leadership Category. Read more.


  BARBARA HEISLER, M.Ed, is widely recognized as an expert organizational consultant, public speaker, and trainer on community integration strategies, affirmative marketing, group process, nonprofit management, strategic planning, and organizational development. Read more.


AMY HEBARD, Ph.D. cut her entrepreneurial teeth on sustainability: her prior company, Earthsense, had as its mission to uncover what makes people tick when it comes to adoption of eco-friendly products, with the goal being to help expedite the adoption of “green” products, particularly among mass market consumers. Read more.

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