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What is a Green Team and why is it important?

Creation of a “green culture” is key to sustaining a movement and providing energy to effect change. The culture has to get down to the grass roots so that the citizens motivate the leaders, the leaders inform the citizens and both provide the energy to reach goals. A Green Team provides the necessary leadership to create a green culture and is required for the Sustainable Jersey program.

We recommend several important things you can do to create that culture including forming a Green Team with significant membership and an important agenda, launching a Green Challenge to the entire community and holding a Green Fair and educational events with interesting topics each time.

Green Teams lead and coordinate sustainability activities by leveraging the skills and expertise of team members to develop plans, implement programs, and assist with educational opportunities. Successful sustainability efforts include representatives from the entire community from the beginning of the process. EcoMatters can provide you with the needed structure and strategy to form, develop and inspire your Green Team.

Green Team Development Services include:

  • Overview and Value of a Green Team
  • Developing the Green Team Structure and Rules
  • Building and Recruiting an Effective Green Team
  • Establishing Goals and Objectives of the Green Team
  • Strengthening and Inspiring an Established Green Team
  • On-Call Consultation

Contact us to discuss your needs.

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