Green Energy Aggregation

The New Jersey Legislature approved the Government Energy Aggregation Act in 2003, to ensure that the benefits of energy deregulation were passed on to consumers, in the form of lower costs and greater choice of suppliers.  The delivery and distribution of electricity under the program will continue to remain the same, through the regulated utility (PSE&G for many towns) that serves homes. The utility will continue to handle your account, addressing any outages and maintaining service. The only thing that will change is the billing and cost of the electricity provided.

“As a former mayor, I know that residents are not always appreciative of government purchases on their behalf, even when their governing body is saving them money.  But by law, residents can opt out of aggregation and cannot be forced to buy anything.  Towns are simply offering residents free money through reduced electricity bills – and most important to me, 100 % green energy too.” – Fred Profeta, President, EcoMatters

Introduce Energy Aggregation to Your Municipality

Contact Fred Profeta

·         For an overview of green energy aggregation in New Jersey

·         To learn how to arrange a speaker for your town council,  environmental advisory committee or Green Team

·         To start the introduction process for Energy Aggregation to your municipality.

Good Energy

EcoMatters is working with Good Energy, the largest and most experienced aggregation consultant in the country.  Good Energy has brought 600,000 households into aggregation programs in Illinois and Ohio, the great majority of them green. Good Energy manages all aspects of the Government Energy Aggregation process for municipalities and counties of all sizes.  You choose the amount of green you want in the bid specs that Good Energy prepares for you.  Infomercials, mailings, FAQ palm cards, Facebook campaigns, call-in centers and more, Good Energy makes the education of residents a priority.



Leading local governments across the nation are partnering with EPA to become Green Power Communities (GPCs). GPCs are towns which the local government, businesses, and residents collectively use green power in amounts that meet or exceed EPA’s Green Power Community purchase requirements.

NJ Clean Energy Program’s Program Summary: NJ Government Energy Aggregation

Sustainable Jersey is looking at making government green energy aggregation a certification action for points in 2014.

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