Welcome to EcoMatters!

EcoMatters aims to provide our municipal, corporate and residential customers comprehensive, practical and creative solutions to generate a lasting positive impact on our environment without burning up your capital!  Green strategies are accessible to everyone, and EcoMatters can show you how!

EcoMatters has partnered with the top providers of green solutions!  Municipal Green Energy Aggregation, solar installations,  and more.  We’ve researched and vetted.  You benefit!


The EcoMatters team is led by Fred Profeta who has more than twenty-five years of experience shaping sustainability programs that engage municipalities. His achievements include:

  • 2010 New Jersey Governor’s Environmental Excellence Leadership Award
  • Chair, Sustainable Jersey Mayors’ Committee for a Green Future from 2005-2011
  • Mayor of Maplewood Township from 2004-2008 read more

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