Amy Hebard

AMY HEBARD, Ph.D. cut her entrepreneurial teeth on sustainability: her prior company, Earthsense, had as its mission to uncover what makes people tick when it comes to adoption of eco-friendly products, with the goal being to help expedite the adoption of “green” products, particularly among mass market consumers. She knows what helps and what gets in the way of implementing sustainable practices at home and how to bring in the end users’ voice to focus environmental initiatives. As the former head of consumer market research at AT&T, she has conducted literally hundreds of research inquiries and brings a disciplined, structured approach to helping clients establish priorities based on what people need – and are willing to follow through on. She has been a sought-after speaker at major conferences including Sustainable Brands, Good & Green, LOHAS and State of Green Business and brings her research, analytical and communications skills to bear, to help clients in multiple ways:

  • As a skilled moderator, she draws out the needs, the priorities, the issues to help set strategy for plans that will be embraced, making it easy and safe for people to both speak and hear: what is their hope, their vision, their goal – and why?
  • As a seasoned researcher, she custom designs creative ways to survey communities to get their voice heard.
  • As a skilled presenter, she’s known to bring “structure to a cloud” and define and refine the framework for strategic plans and tactics.
  • As a passionate eco-preneur, she brings the objectivity of data to bear on a topic she’s passionate about.
  • As a frequent presenter, she helps clients “tell the story” of what they want to see happen and ways to communicate this effectively for broad reach.

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